Revised 2-17-12

Tune-Up Tricks and Tips for your 1/32 Scale McLaren Slot Car !

Here are some hints for improving your models performance.
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All you'll need to effect most of these tuneup tricks will be a medium sized Phillips Screwdriver and an Xacto type knife with a sharp #11 type blade!

Click on the photo to the left to see how to we improved the way our front tires made contact with the track.

To "loosen up" that rear axle, without hours of run-in time, we cut just a slight bit of material away from around the bushings in our cars motor mount pod.

Click on the photo to the right to see how, to we did it.

To avoid "messing up" when reassembling your model, follow the steps in the photo on the left.

It's very important that you get the correct screws in the correct holes!

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