Latest Update: 2-17-12

Dan's #48 Car from the Rear.

Some things to note in this photo:
  • The rear body bracing on these cars was lightweight steel tubing with sheet metal gussets at the corners which also served to mount the brake lights and locate the exhausts. Most times this stuff got "rattle canned" black, but in the case of Dan's ride, it was painted silver as you see on our model.
    Note too that this bracing is of a believeable diameter? Unlike the oversized toylike stuff you see on most models.
  • That Hewland Transaxle is scaled off a real Hewland. Every nut and bolt seen on the real thing is on this one.
  • If you squint, you can see the scale tire treads. Our tires were made by "Hot-Shoes" and they STICK! And yes they work on "wood" tracks too, 'cause that's what we run on !

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