Latest Revision: 2-17-2012

A closeup of a rear wheel and tire from one of our cars!

To the best of our knowlege, this has never been done, irrespective of scale. Why even some of the very expensive model kits fall down when it comes to their tires.

But to us, tires are a model too. The more accurate they are, scale-wise and detail-wise, the better we like 'em. And these are both scaled and detailed ! It doesn't get any better than this!

Check out the "Knock-off Nut" at the center of our wheel. We had one of these here to measure too. You guessed it, right? And that "hollow" area inside the nut? The "Stub Axles" on these cars were hollow! They had to watch their weight, dont'cha know?

And those aluminum wheels? Made on a CNC Lathe. Yeah, we could have gone with plastc wheels, and let you guys deal with runout. But that's not our style. It's probably not yours either, is it?

Follow the photo link below to see a series of close-ups.

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